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Hey this is Chris Ellis, your friendly neighborhood life coach. I’m the owner of Ellis Life Mastery and I’d like to welcome you to my website.

My mission is to empower people that aren’t pursuing things they truly want because either too scared to fail, too tired to try, or too clueless to know where to start.

I’ve designed this page to connect with people, facilities and/or organizations that are in need of the following:

  • Life coaches
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Time Management Consults
  • Talent and Career Development Consults

Please feel free to familiarize yourself with my services to determine if a partnership or collaboration would be beneficial for you.

Note: This page only lists my professional qualifications. However, the story of the radical life change that got me into life coaching can be found here.

So, if you’re looking for a motivational speaker, I’d highly recommend you check it out my about page.

Without further adieu, let’s get to know each other.

What I do

I guide struggling adults through a simple step-by-step processes of designing the life they really want, really fast. Specifically I assist in five critical areas of life, which include:

  • How to create a life that rewards you with free time for the things you love. 
  • How to supercharge motivation and dramatically improve self confidence / self image.
  • How to emotionally recover from past mistakes and failures
  • How to develop skills and talents for the career you want
  • How to effectively navigate the trickiness of adult relationships (with ease).


Who I serve

Like any good life coach, I’m generally able to help strangers I come across. However, my niche is generally comprised of males in their mid 20s and 30s, experiencing a phenomenon dubbed “the quarter-life crisis”. These are people that often feel stuck and just want to escape the blandness of an uninspired life.


My Experience

  • 6+ years as a life coach
  • 15 years of experience teaching (including tutoring and course design). This  includes work done with Chicago Public Schools, Colleges in San Diego, various community centers, etc.
  • 20 years experience studying accelerated learning, self-mastery and skills development.


Services I Provide:

  • Teacher / Course Creator: I specialize in creating engaging , quick and effective lessons that teach difficult subjects to everyday people. 
  • Public Speaker: I’ve been a speaker at several colleges in the San Diego area, including Bastyr University and San Diego Mesa College.
  • Talent and Career Development Consultant: I’m a graduate of a performing arts school, as a double major.  I was also former comic book illustrator and I was a freelance graphic designer for a decade. Because of this I’m trained to help aspiring artists hone their crafts and break into their dream professions.


Samples of My Work

The Self confidence Playbook, which is a step-by-step guide that teaches readers how to counteract low self-esteem and negative self-talk in as little as an hour.


Note: Click or tap on the image above to preview this book. The controls (⇑,⇓) to turn the pages are at the bottom left side of the image


Excerpt from my time management online course “Steal Back Your Time”.


You can view this full training course here on Teachable

My Desire

My goal is to connect with people, facilities or organizations that are in need of the following:

  • Life coaches
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Content Creators ( i.e. lifestyle bloggers)
  • Lesson Plan Development / Curriculum Design
  • Time Management Consultation
  • Talent and Career Development Consultation

If this includes you or someone you know, I’d love to connect to see if there’s any assistance I can provide.

I can be reached by phone or by email via the contact information below:

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Thank you for visiting my page and hope to hear from you soon.

Chris Ellis

THE BROTHER IS BRILLIANT!!! I never have to tell Chris what I need at any particular moment. He knows what I need to improve on before I do. Then he designs a program that helps improve me immediately. This blows me away each and every time it happens!  Students should expect excellence, craftsmanship and involvement in programs that will be designed to meet their specific needs.

Darius T. Youth Counselor | "Becoming A Man" Chicago

Chris is personable and listens. He’s extremely |honest and won’t sugar coat things that won’t benefit you. Working with him resulted in me finally launching my business. He’s kick-ass and everyone should work with him to get s*** done.

Kay Williams Founder of Allure Candle Company LLC

Chris is dynamic individual who can simultaneously think outside the box but also work effectively and efficiently. Students can expect someone who is extremely empathetic, that’s willing to adapt to their person’s needs. One of the best humans I’ve ever met!

Monroe S. Music Producer and Podcaster

Chris has a gift for pulling out your deepest desires and coming up with a simple and direct plan to make those dreams a reality. He believed in me, pushed me to think beyond my own limitations and introduced me to things, principles, and people who would go on to change the trajectory of my life.

Sarah E. Ellis Family Wellness | Health Consultant