Step 3: Hire Your First Contractor 

Do you know why the average business fails? 

It’s because the founder decides they’re going to wait until they “make enough money” before hiring their first employee / contractor. 

For instance: I’ve seen people spend thousands of dollars coming up with an entire brand to sell products. They came up with a catchy name, a neat logo, dope website, awesome packaging, and a first class marketing campaign.

BUT…they never bothered looking to see if the name of their product was trademarked by someone else already. 

Now they can’t operate their business because they’ll get sued by the company that owns the trademark. They either have to shut down, or rebrand and start all over. 

The biggest part of this tragedy is that hiring a business coach (for one hour) from the beginning would have avoided that entire situation. 

Being cheap and waiting to make your first hire can be the kiss of death for your business. 

But you’re not going to make that same mistake, right? 


So here’s the first service provider you’re going to hire. 

Here’s the session you’re going to book him for.

“Brainstorm-2-Breakthru (Product Discussion)” Coaching

“Brainstorm-2-Breakthru (Product Discussion)” is a 20 minute 1-on-1 session where you’ll tell me:

  1. Your business idea. 
  2. The ideal way you’d like to deliver your product or service.

Then I use my years of experience and business coachy brain to provide you ideas for what a starter product may look like for your business.

My mission is to literally make sure you have a breakthrough on this call in 20 minutes or less. 

And it only costs a whopping $20 to book. 

Ready for a breakthrough?

Hire Me

Additional Testimonials

THE BROTHER IS BRILLIANT!!! I never have to tell Chris what I need at any particular moment. He knows what I need to improve on before I do. Then he designs a program that helps improve me immediately. This blows me away each and every time it happens!  Students should expect excellence, craftsmanship and involvement in programs that will be designed to meet their specific needs.

Darius T. Youth Counselor | "Becoming A Man" Chicago

Chris is personable and listens. He’s extremely |honest and won’t sugar coat things that won’t benefit you. Working with him resulted in me finally launching my business. He’s kick-ass and everyone should work with him to get s*** done.

Kay Williams Founder of Allure Candle Company LLC

Chris is dynamic individual who can simultaneously think outside the box but also work effectively and efficiently. Students can expect someone who is extremely empathetic, that’s willing to adapt to their person’s needs. One of the best humans I’ve ever met!

Monroe S. Music Producer and Podcaster

Chris has a gift for pulling out your deepest desires and coming up with a simple and direct plan to make those dreams a reality. He believed in me, pushed me to think beyond my own limitations and introduced me to things, principles, and people who would go on to change the trajectory of my life.

Sarah E. Ellis Family Wellness | Health Consultant

“Brainstorm-2-Breakthru (Product Discussion)” Coaching

Hire Me