Let’s Talk About Why You’re Here

You’re here because the life you live doesn’t match the life you know you’re capable of. 

You work a job you’re not truly in love with. A job that leaves you creatively and financially frustrated. It doesn’t align with your purpose and it doesn’t reflect your vision for your life.

That’s because, in reality, you’re a creative, passionate and ambitious person with something to share with the world. You possess one of the following: 

  • A talent everyone keeps saying you should be making money from.
  • A game changing business idea.
  • A passion that preoccupies you all day long that you wish could be a part of your everyday life.

And even though you can see a different life for yourself (creatively and financially) you just can’t get your big idea off the ground. 

You keep thinking you need MORE…

  • More free time to devote to your dream.
  • More money to fund your dream.
  • More expertise to make sure you don’t screw everything up. 
  • ETC.

You’re deeply stuck in the muck of paralysis of over-analysis.

Sometimes you even think to yourself, “I wish I was the kind of person that just has an idea and just goes for it!”

Well, it’s your lucky day because I’m one of those people.

And with my help you will get ALL THE TOOLS you need to get started.

In the Movie Biz They Call This a Teaser 😁

Here’s What You Need to Know

I’m a talented, passionate and creative person just like you. 

But I’ve mastered something you haven’t. I’ve mastered the ART OF GETTING SHIT DONE. 

I started off as a self-taught artist that became a freelance illustrator and graphic designer by the age of 18. Since then I’ve made money doing all kinds of stuff including:  

  • Comic book illustrating.
  • Creating time management courses for busy moms. 
  • Teaching accelerated learning workshops for college students
  • Working with software developers to improve and streamline their apps.

I even co-founded a health consulting company with my wife Dr. Sarah Ellis.

For context, I’m a COLLEGE DROPOUT with no medical expertise whatsoever. Yet somehow I helped a real doctor create and start a private medical practice FOUR MONTHS AFTER SHE GRADUATED.

Just Another Day At The Office with The Doc

Like I said, I’ve mastered the art of getting shit done. 

Now I’m here to show you how to do exactly what I do. 

Step by step. 

I’ll show you how to turn your ideas into a real business that pays a very real income — using a simple 3-step strategy I call the Chat-to-Convert Method.

Isn’t it time for you to finally… 

Get unstuck, turn your ambitions into cash and level-up to the life you deserve?

 I’m Intrigued. Tell Me More!