About Me

I want you to look at this picture for a moment.

In this picture I’m a world-class empowerment coach, with the career of my dreams. I’m in BEAUTIFUL and sunny San Diego, California. I’m posed with my two well behaved, smart as f*** children. Beside me is adoring wife that’s a month away from becoming a doctor.

My life is fucking fantastic. (Right Now)

BUT…at 25 years old, this picture was a mere fantasy scenario.

An impossibility, if I’m being honest.


Trigger Warning: This is going to get very dark, very fast. (Like “Suicidal Thoughts” Dark)


Before I was a business and life coach… my own life was in absolute shambles.

Picture this. I’m a 25 years old, college drop-out, living in a YMCA “apartment”, roughly the size of a walk-in closet. I’m sitting on a broken mattress seriously contemplating suicide. The room is dirty and infested with bedbugs. So I’ve got a bottle of pills in one hand and I’m casually slapping bugs with the other.

Why am I killing myself today?

Well, I ruined a relationship with a woman I thought I was gonna marry. She was the only good thing in this shit-sandwich that was my life. And now… she’s gone. 

I’m sitting alone on a hot summer day with a handful of pills and nothing but free time to pick apart my life. I take inventory.

  • I’m the product of 2 divorces
  • I ran away from home when I was 16
  • I was emotionally, physically and even sexually abused
  • I’ve been homeless on and off for over a dozen years. 

I’ve lived what has felt like a thousand terrible lifetimes and I just want to end this. 

And while I was feeling sorry for myself another voice said, “Are you really as powerless as you feel?” 

No… I wasn’t

I was an accomplished artist and had graduated as a double major from the School of Creative and Performing Arts. I had been an honor-roll student my whole life. Hell, I lived in a homeless shelter across the street from my college and still managed a 4.0 GPA my first semester. 

My circumstances have never truly robbed me of my capabilities. I’ve always been the boss of my life, through good and bad.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably similar to me in the following way:

There’s one area in your life that you kick ass in. It inspires you to dream bigger and imagine a life of incredible possibility. However, it’s hard for you to translate that kind of success to all the other areas of your life. You want more… but you don’t know how to evolve to the point where you can do more.

Here’s what I realized…

If I just approached improving myself with the same passion, dedication, lust for learning, etc. as I did with my art and my education, I should get the same kind of results. So the next morning I got to work on myself.

For the next five years I’d tried EVERYTHING. 

  • I read 300-page self help books 
  • Watched close to a hundred hours of YouTube videos 
  • Tried tedious 30-day challenges to change my habits
  • Did meditation and daily affirmations.

I learned every kind of skill I could study…from speed reading, to martial arts, to salsa dancing, to film making, etc.

I learned about and tried ALL THE THINGS.

Eventually, I invented a 4-point system to radically change my life. (I’ll tell you about it one day. Just not today.)

The part of the story that’s relevant is that I decided to use that system to accomplish all the things I should’ve done in my twenties.

More importantly, I decided to fix all the things I’d F***** up in my twenties.

Within three years I…

  • Paid off thousands of dollars of debt
  • Finally got my license and bought a car.
  • Fixed my credit score
  • I got married and started a family
  • Started a successful life coaching business.
  • Authored my first book.
  • And tripled my yearly income.

I went from being a college dropout to being paid to speak at colleges about accelerated learning.

I accomplished more in 3 years than I had ever in the last decade. That’s when I decided to share my discoveries with the world. 

So who am I?

I’m the person that did the tedious legwork figuring out how to rapidly transform his life, so you don’t have to.

And I’m going to help you create the life of your dreams by helping you solve your biggest problems… YOUR INABILITY TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD AND FOLLOW YOUR PASSION.

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