Figuring out the money stuff

Figure Out The Money Stuff BEFORE Starting! (Part 1) – (Boss Talk Episode 13)

Being an entrepreneur can feel like a constant game of “Good News / Bad News”.

Good News: You made your first sale!!!

Bad News: After all the expenses you lost money.

Fortunately, your friendly neighborhood business coach is here to show you how you can create a profitable business structure before you even launch.

Today’s episode is…

Figure Out The Money Stuff BEFORE Starting!

(Part 1)

What happens in this episode?
This episode will highlight, yet another important, step in the “No B.S. Start-Up Checklist”. I’m going to show you how to figure out ALL THE SPECIFICS related to your sales and delivery of your product or services. This is actually going to be a two part episode, ‘cause I don’t want to short-change you with just one episode.

Why is this episode so important?
Because you don’t want to do all the work of launching a business, only to go broke and end up back at your dead end job one year later. I feel like that’s a good enough reason to listen to this episode. LOL

Episode Highlights

  • Sometimes it can be tough to know what to charge, but it becomes a lot easier to figure it out once you decide what your  “standard service” is.
  • If your business isn’t profitable PER CUSTOMER, then you probably have a bad business model.
  • You have to price your product / services based on every activity you do, not just the ones that directly involve your customers. Otherwise you’re undercharging for your services.


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