How to Figure out Your Value And Competitive Edge (Boss Talk Episode 12)

Let’s say, right before a sale, a potential customer asks, “You sound great but why should I pick you over these guys?”. 

Do you have a good answer? Hell, do you have an answer at all? 

If you don’t, you’re in luck. I’m going to show you step by step how to come up with a kick-ass response.

Today’s episode is…

How to Figure out Your Value And Competitive Edge


What is this episode about?

This episode will highlight, yet another important, step in the “No B.S. Start-Up Checklist”. Specifically, I’m going to explain how to identify the most important reasons customers should do business with you.

Why is this episode so important?

Because deep down the main reason many of you won’t start a business is because you’re scared of rejection. You’re scared that you can’t compete with people that are bigger than you, more successful, more experienced than you, etc. But I’m going to show you that none of that really matters once you understand your true value in the marketplace.

Episode Highlights

  • Figuring out your true value often comes from redefining your “weaknesses” as strengths.
    • Example: Don’t think of yourself as “inexperienced”. Instead, you can say that you “approach every job from a fresh perspective, in order to create solutions that are uniquely customized to your client’s needs”. 
  • You can also find a competitive edge simply by identifying common complaints customers generally have when doing business with someone else

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