Boss Talk Episode 7

Leslye Gets Her Breakthrough In 20 Minutes! (Boss Talk Episode 7)

Here’s the scenario. You want to pursue a new career… BUT… this career requires you to have open availability in your schedule. You work a day-job with a very strict schedule. How do you pursue your passion, without getting fired from your job? This was Leslye’s issue, before our session.

Today’s episode is…

Leslye Gets Her Breakthrough In 20 Minutes


What is this episode about?

Today I’m going to take you behind the scenes of my business and you’re going to hear a real “Brainstorm-2-Breakthru” session, featuring a new client. 

“Brainstorm-2-Breakthru” sessions are pretty straight forward. 

  1. New clients tell me what business or talent they’d like to make money from. 
  2. They tell me the one thing that’s stopping them from moving forward. 

Then, I use my years of experience to provide them with a solution in 20 minutes or less!

In this session, Leslye Davis talks about wanting to pursue her dream of being a full time birthing doula. (Someone who assist people in the process of going through labor)

Since babies are unpredictable AF, Leslye couldn’t figure out how she could jump into that profession, while still holding down her day job.


Why is this episode so important?

Trying to pursue a career while not having enough free time is a pretty common issue. Luckily, I give Leslye a laundry list of options for transitioning to that profession. These are practical solutions that anyone can employ. (hahaha.. See what I did there. I said, “employ”). 

So, yeah… You’re welcome.


Episode Highlights

  • Your value isn’t in your ability to “be there”. Your value is in your ability to facilitate solutions by any means. 
  • How to establish your expertise in any field through creating educational products.


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  2. What seems to be stopping you from getting started now.

Then I use my years of experience and business coachy brain to come up with solutions for you on the spot.

My mission is to literally make sure you have a breakthrough on this call in 20 minutes or less.

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