Boss Talk Episode 5

Interview with A Success Story – Alonia Taylor (Boss Talk Episode 5)

In this episode, I interview a client Alonia Taylor. She’s a dreamer with a day job. We talk about how I helped her finally take the necessary steps to becoming a professional writer.

Today’s episode is…

“Interview with a Success Story – Alonia Taylor”


What is this episode about?

I have my first interview on the podcast with a client and aspiring writer Alonia Taylor. We talk about how she went from being too afraid to even call herself a writer, to having a fantasy novel and a marketing strategy fleshed out in less than a month.

Why is this episode so important?

  1. Alonia is a regular grown ass person, with a day job and a burning passion to do more with her life. She was stuck in the muck of her everyday grind, probably just like you. My hope is that by seeing what’s possible for her, you’ll be inspired to finally say, “YES!” to your dream.
  2. This episode shows the power of actually working with a professional business coach. You’ll see in this episode that my aptitude for “getting shit done” gave Alonia a set of solutions she never even knew were available.

Episode Highlights

  • Trying to launch a “practical business” is a recipe for disaster. It’s smarter to go after impractical dreams than boring, seemingly attainable ones. 
  • “Starving artists” are just people who only have one revenue stream for their business.

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Don’t forget about the “312 challenge”!

Like I said in this episode, I’m giving every listener the same opportunity as Alonia got when we first met. 

Meaning, I’ll let you pick my brain about whatever business idea you have — FOR FREE

Just text / call me at 312-521-0509

Introduce yourself and say, “Hey, I got this big idea. I want to get off the ground. Can we  talk about it” 

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Don’t be shy. You’re one text away from a breakthrough!

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