How 20 Complete Strangers, with 20 Different Business Ideas, got Unstuck in 20 minutes.

Please Watch Before You Start Reading. 

An Inside Look at a Brainstorm-2-Breakthru Session


It’s your friendly neighborhood business coach here and lately I’ve been asking myself an important question. 

“How can I give more?”

In my travels I keep coming across what I call “Johnny Dreamers”. These are creative, ambitious, “business curious” people. 

They work jobs that don’t pay them enough or don’t appreciate them enough. Jobs that often don’t even inspire / excite them.

These Johnny Dreamers have been going through the motions for years, but are finally tired of settling for an ordinary life. 

They want to DO more. They want to BE more.  

They have a talent and/or a business idea that can change everything…


They’re stuck. 

They’re held back by bad assumptions that stop them from moving forward. 

  • “Don’t I need to come up with a catchy name and a brand before I get started?”
  • “Don’t I need a website and have to be super active on social media?” 
  • “Don’t I need more time and money before I get started?”
  • “Shouldn’t I get this certification first so customers will take me seriously?”

This is what led me to create my signature “Brainstorm 2 Breakthru” coaching call. 


Here’s how Brainstorm-2-Breakthru Sessions work

I have a client of mine basically tell me 1) their business idea and 2) what seems to be holding them back from starting right away.

Then I use my business coachy brain and years of experience to come up with a solution right there on the spot.  

The whole call is completed in 20 minutes or less.

People go from feeling stuck to leaving with the exact blueprint for making their biggest dreams a reality. 

It’s been my greatest joy to help these Johnny Dreamers get unstuck. 

However, lately I’ve been a bit unsatisfied. 

Yes, the calls are life-changing BUT they still cost money. 

Up until recently I kept asking myself, “What about all the deserving, talented Johnny Dreamers that don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend talking to a business coach about their ideas?”

“How can I give more?”

Then it hit me like lightning. 


I can have community organizations, non-profits, churches, past clients, subscribers on social media, etc. (who are familiar with my work and the results) prepay for these coaching sessions. 

Then I can give these sessions away to deserving people. 

So that’s what I did in the month of April. I got some amazing sponsors to prepay for 20 “Brainstorm-2-Breakthru” sessions. Then I went on Facebook and went, “Hey, I’m looking for talented and ambitious people who need help launching their business ideas!” 


I would say results my vary, but they didn’t. 😆


What Happened When I Found A Way to Give Brainstorm-2-Breakthru Sessions Away For Free

Scores of people (many of them I didn’t even know) sent their family members, significant others, best friends, etc. to my site to snag an appointment slot. 

I ended up meeting 20 new people with 20 different dreams.

They gave me 20 minutes of their time and all 20 people found their breakthrough. 

The video posted on this page are clips from a few of these magical sessions I had the pleasure of having. 

They left INSPIRED, EXCITED and CONFIDENT, and CLEAR about how to turn their talents, passion and business ideas into the life of their dreams. 

As I write this, I’m still coming down from the high I got from conducting these “breakthru calls”. 

Two thoughts keep echoing in my head. 

  1. You can’t put a price on the feeling of being able to walk in your purpose. There’s this exhilaration that comes with knowing that you are doing exactly what you were put on earth to do.
  2. Never underestimate the power of asking yourself, “How can I give more?”

So, yeah… those are my takeaways from this experience. 

Can’t wait to do the next round of sponsored calls.

And if you missed the opportunity to get a slot the first time, please add your name to the waitlist.

Talk to you again soon, 

~ Chris

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