Debunking “Starting A Business Is So Hard” Myths

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

“I can’t pursue my business dreams because…

  • I don’t have enough money to launch.”
  • I don’t have enough time to pursue my idea.”
  • I need more training before I can get paid in this industry.”
  • I need to figure out my branding.”
  • I’m not a natural salesperson”

I hear this ALL OF THE TIME and it’s annoying as f*ck.

Not because I hate hearing people whine or make excuses. It’s because these roadblocks only seem real if you know nothing about business at all.

I’m going to tell you a secret

The average fear that stops people from going into business, already has been conquered by entrepreneurs everywhere.

Don’t believe me?

Watch this.

Scared you’re going to get sued?
Have people sign waivers before working with you. DONE.

Think you need an employee but can’t afford a full time worker?
Hire a virtual assistant for one hour a week from It’s efficient and on average it’ll cost you $20. DONE.

Don’t think you have enough products for a business?
Cool… advertise yourself as a specialist that only provides one service. Not only will that work, but you can CHARGE MORE MONEY for your services.

Wanna write a book, but have no one to publish it?
No problem. Write your book and upload to a website like Blurb. They print your books on demand and dropship them to whoever wants to buy a physical copy of your book. YOU PAY NOTHING UPFRONT.


But I realize now, you don’t actually know that. So here’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m inviting you to my Free One-Time FB Live Event “No Excuses Broadcast”

Click the link HERE to attend the event

In this live broadcast, I’m going to debunk ALL YOUR EXCUSES as to why you can’t pursue your business idea today. I’ll explain exactly how real entrepreneurs launch ventures, regardless of lack of time, money, training, resources etc.

This is a ONE-TIME event. So if you snooze you lose.

It’s time to finally stop letting your mental roadblocks tell you where you can’t go in life.

Cya Soon,

~ Chris


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