2020 Sucked, right? Let’s Do More in 2021


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I’m going to walk you step by step through my Rapid Success Method. A 3-step process I personally developed, from years of trial and error, that I’ve used to radically transform my life and accomplish things like…

  • Developing four separate business ventures
  • Writing and publishing a 240-page book
  • Becoming a paid speaker, making hundreds of dollars an hour.
  • Getting published on the Motivational Mornings website (whose owners operate a nationally ranked podcast)

And I did most of these tasks while:

  • Working a full time job as a pension benefits specialist.
  • Supporting a wife in medical school.
  • Raising a toddler. (WITH A NEW BABY ON THE WAY, as I write this)

I’ve been able to follow through on my dreams, make no excuses and thrive in chaos because I found the cheat code to setting big creative goals and following through on them.

Through my Rapid Success Method, I learned the secret of activating my highest performing version of myself.

It’s a version of myself that I’ve named “The Inner-Winner”

The inner-winner is the most clear, connected, confident, and committed version of you. It’s the stubborn part of you that accepts no excuses and gets things done regardless of lack of resources, time or circumstances.

Literally everyone possesses an inner-winner. But almost NO ONE knows how to tap into it.

Until now

That’s because in this workshop I will walk you step-by-step through the process of activating your inner-winner. Then I’ll show you how to use it to execute your deepest desires for 2021 and beyond.

At this workshop you will…

Pinpoint the one dream the fills you with the greatest sense of purpose, even if you have a million great ideas.

Naturally boost your self confidence by creating a super clear, description of your vision that will take the mystery out of your creative journey.

Create unshakable commitment towards accomplishing your goal.

You will be able to finally say,

“Yes, I’m all in!” and you’ll finally mean It.

More importantly, you will no longer…

  • Get stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • Be a victim to over-planning and perfectionism.
  • Create excuses and self-sabotage.

You will no longer believe that you need infinite knowledge, unlimited resources, and the perfect circumstances to accomplish the things you want.

Instead you’ll learn how to, “Use what you already have to get where you need. And you’ll get it at top speed!”

And that’s not a catchy rhyme. I mean that because…

We’ll accomplish everything I just said in 3 hours.

That’s all the time I need to radically change your year and potentially your life.

With that said…

  • Put the self help books down.
  • Stop making new year’s resolutions you never keep.
  • Stop listening to podcasts of successful people hoping you’ll get the courage to finally act.


Unlock the best version of you and let it do all the work.

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