I do that by walking you step by step through my

Rapid Success Method. 

This is my signature four step process, specially designed to create the unshakable motivation you need to attack your goals daily.

Once upon a time, I wanted to do something absolutely amazing with my life. But I was too scared to fail, too burnt out to try and too clueless to know where to start. So, just like you I started seeking help. I. Tried. EVERYTHING. 

  • I read 300-page self help books 
  • Watched close to a hundred hours of YouTube videos 
  • Tried tedious 30-day challenges to change my habits
  • Did meditation and daily affirmations.

After YEARS of trial and error, I developed my own problem solving system that blows all of those other “solutions” out of the water — The Rapid Success Method.  

What Exactly Is the Rapid Success Method

It’s a tool that helps you follow through on your dreams by walking you step by step through the process of … 

  • Acknowledging your innate power to control your life
  • Deciding what “winning” truly looks like in vivid detail
  • Magnetizing yourself to your goals to create an intense, unwavering motivation
  • Attacking your goals daily. 

Once I learned to “Acknowledge, Decide, Magnetize and Attack” I realized there wasn’t a problem I couldn’t solve to get the life that I wanted. In fact I radically transformed my life and accomplished more in 3 years than I had in the previous decade. That’s the same success I want for you. I want you to get unstuck and become the boss of your life, so you can accomplish the things you want faster than you ever imagined.





1-on-1 Consultation Calls

Want to make a radical shift in your life but not sure where to start? Did you catch me on a podcast, vlog, etc. and want more clarity on the strategies I provided? Maybe, you follow me on social media and wanted pointers on solving a personal, relationship or work issue. Book a call with me 1-on-1 and let’s talk. You can choose a discovery call or a single deep dive strategy session. Click on the button below and choose the service that fits your needs.

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Keynote Speaker 

I specialize in creating engaging , quick and effective content, vlogs, lessons, etc. that teach difficult subjects to everyday people. I specifically help people in all walks of life with the following:

  • How to create a life that rewards you with free time for the things you love.
  • How to supercharge motivation and dramatically improve self confidence / self image.
  • How to emotionally recover from past mistakes and failures
  • How to develop skills and talents for the career you want
  • How to effectively navigate the trickiness of adult relationships (with ease).

If you work with an organization or group that can benefit from this kind of information, click the link below. I’d love to work with you side by side to help you help others.

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THE BROTHER IS BRILLIANT!!! I never have to tell Chris what I need at any particular moment. He knows what I need to improve on before I do. Then he designs a program that helps improve me immediately. This blows me away each and every time it happens!  Students should expect excellence, craftsmanship and involvement in programs that will be designed to meet their specific needs.

Darius T. Youth Counselor | "Becoming A Man" Chicago

Chris is personable and listens. He’s extremely |honest and won’t sugar coat things that won’t benefit you. Working with him resulted in me finally launching my business. He’s kick-ass and everyone should work with him to get s*** done.

Kay Williams Founder of Allure Candle Company LLC

Chris is dynamic individual who can simultaneously think outside the box but also work effectively and efficiently. Students can expect someone who is extremely empathetic, that’s willing to adapt to their person’s needs. One of the best humans I’ve ever met!

Monroe S. Music Producer and Podcaster

Chris has a gift for pulling out your deepest desires and coming up with a simple and direct plan to make those dreams a reality. He believed in me, pushed me to think beyond my own limitations and introduced me to things, principles, and people who would go on to change the trajectory of my life.

Sarah E. Ellis Family Wellness | Health Consultant